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If you’re an individual who loves health and likes helping different people accomplish their goals, then you should consider turning this into a profession. If this sounds like something you would like to do then there’s a extensive series of programs you can try to start your job as a personal trainer. You will have to complete a few programs to become a personal trainer, then you can complete extra courses that interest you if you like. Once you have accomplished the course or programs I would recommend you work in a sports center, unless you already do, to obtain some experience in this field of work. FLM training offer a choice of different programs which would help with becoming a personal trainer, they also offer packages if there’s a few courses that you want to complete.

If you are hoping to obtain a career in fitness, then one of the courses of theirs that you can would like to look at would be the L2 Gym Instructing course. By the end of the course you will have learnt about how to teach and arrange out safe and effective exercise sessions in a gym environment. To complete this module it will only take you five days, 4 days are for the theory and practical module and then a day is for finishing the assessment. There are no entrance requirements for this module, its ideal that you are physically fit and work well with people.

An additional program that they do is the L3 personal training course. You will learn about abilities, information and competence which you would require to work as an unsupervised personal trainer. Completing this program and gaining your qualification means you might end up working with expert athletes from all around the world. There are even benefits that come with being a private instructor, such as you will have adaptable hours which you have more control over and you would be self employed. You would cover related topics as the gym instructing module but also matters such as how to relate the principles of nutrition to support customer aims and how to deliver exercise and physical activity as part of a program. If you want to do this course then you need to do the L2 gym instructing course first and have recieved the qualification to say you passed.

Once you have completed these courses, you could decide you feel like to do one of their extra courses.