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Long Lasting, Stylish Sunglasses

sports eyewear Sports eyewear offer many different brand of high quality sunglasses, these sunglasses all make sure to protect your eyes from harsh glares and harmful rays. Many of the brands they offer, also offer prescription versions of their sunglasses; all with genuine brand authenticity. A few of the brands they offer include Red bull racing, Ray Ban and Maui Jim.


Maui Jim offer many different pairs of sunglasses, each with their own style and range of stunning colours. Most of the sunglasses they offer are also available as prescription sunglasses. Maui Jim care about creating sunglasses to protect your eyes from bright sunlight, so that you can still do the things you want to do, even if the sun is shining bright outside. Some of the sunglasses they make include Spartan reef, kipahuku, Leia and free dive. .


maui jim sunglasses (2)Maui Jim sunglasses include an exclusive range called Apapane which cost £179; these sunglasses are also available as prescription. They come in three different colour styles; these are burgundy with red sleeve, dark gunmetal with black sleeve and gold with pink sleeve. These glasses offer perfect view across the whole lens and comfort when they are being worn.  Another pair would be sugar beach; these are also available as prescription and cost £87. They also come in three colour options which are gloss black with neutral grey, root beer with HCL bronze and smoke grey with Maui HT.


One of the specific prescription sunglasses they offer would be Ho’okipa prescription sunglasses. These fantastic sunglasses come in gloss black and tortoise. With these sunglasses you have a choice of two different lens materials which are Maui polycarbonate and Maui Evolution 1.60. These sunglasses offer a wild field of view with any distortion; they ensure you will have optical perfection. They offer brilliant colour without any harmful rays. The3y provide excellent protection, as well as colour enhancement thanks to velar vision across the whole lens.


Another pair of the prescription sunglasses would be the Voyager prescription sunglasses. These sunglasses also come in gloss black and tortoise. The material options available for these lenses are polycarbonate and evolution 1.60, which would cost you an extra £70. There are also four lens tints available with these sunglasses; these are HCL bronze, Maui HT, Maui rose neutral grey.  These sunglasses also offer amazing protection and no distortion across the lens when worn.


Many reviews give these sunglasses 5 stars, saying that they are very comfortable and last a very long time. One review said that it was the best brand of sunglasses they have ever used and that the sunglasses were a fantastic fit, so they didn’t have to be pushed up all the time.